Istanbul’s Interesting Festivals

Istanbul is a very beautiful city found in Turkey. It has great weather conditions around the year and is well known for its rich culture and historical background. With that, the city makes a good place for a family to go on vacation. With it is never ending interesting festivals that are planned all throughout the year and its beautiful people; you will never go wrong in taking a holiday in the city. This article takes you through some of the most popular festivals that take place around this gorgeous city.


1.International Istanbul Film Festival


The International Istanbul Film Festival is an event that takes place every year between late March and mid-April. This is a never-miss show, especially because all the latest films in Turkey and around the world are shown on this day. This is a good opportunity to stay updated with all the released films.


2.Tulip festival

Tulips have been said to originate from turkey. Over the years, millions of tulip seeds have been planted in Istanbul parks, avenues and round about mainly for this beautiful and colorful event that takes place every year in the month of April.


3.International puppet festival


What other interesting show is there other than the puppet festival, especially for the puppet lovers? This festival is great for family holidays as the events showcased are suitable for everyone. This festival takes place every year in May. What is more is that people get a chance to showcase their amazing talents during this festival as well.


4.Conquest of Istanbul


If you care about history, the Conquest of Istanbul is the perfect festival to attend. Here, you will learn about historical and cultural background of Istanbul, therefore adding to your knowledge. Also, this event allows the natives to showcase their traditional arts, parades and fireworks.


5.International Music Festival


Music is good medicine to the soul that is why every year between June and July, the great festival takes place. It is a very reputable event in Istanbul, where people get to perform classical music, Dance and opera. Most of these shows are performed in historic locations.


6.International Jazz Festival


Still on the music department, if you want to see the great jazz musicians of the world and have a great show altogether, this is the show to attend every year in July.


7.International Istanbul Biennial


This is arguably the most amazing festival in the city. During this time, people get to see amazing paintings, good films, installations and screening. The event is very popular with over 50 musicians from around the world performing on the same day. There are also guided tours organized by the city officials whereby you get to sightsee and learn more about the city of Istanbul.




There is no doubt that Istanbul is a very amazing city with various interesting festivals. These events take place throughout the year, therefore making Istanbul the perfect place to Plan a holiday. During these events, you get a chance to learn about the rich culture and the traditional and historical background of the city that are displayed.


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